About Us

Our Story

Embarking on an odyssey marked by sheer will and determination, our legacy finds its root in the unwavering spirits of Uncle Doug, Rollin Marion, and Dequan Marion Sr. These three spectacular figures are the luminaries who painted the canvas of our story with their courageous and resolute qualities, defying social norms to become inspirational figures in African American golfing history. 

Inception of a Legacy

Inspired by this remarkable resilience, we decided to breathe life into their dreams and carry forward their legacy. Born was Our Underdog-Crafted Luxury Golf and Tennis Accessory line. A tribute to these unyielding personalities who dared to challenge the status quo and reinvent the game of golf; this accessory line symbolizes their unflagging drive to make a space for themselves in an otherwise exclusionary world of golf.

A Testament of Evolution

Our company, and indeed our entire store, is a testament to the evolution of the game itself. It reflects the transition from the days of limited resources and access to a time where equality prevails.

We are well aware that our golfers had to pave their way to the courses they now grace. The remnants of a time when African American golfers were barred only feed our drive to progress and create a more inclusive environment for all.

Let Uncle Doug, Rollin Marion, and Dequan Marion Sr.'s underdog spirit empower you and make a checkpoint in the world of golf. Embrace the legacy and join us in celebrating the evolution of the game, facilitated by these underdog legends and our high-quality equipment and better access.

Remember, it's not just a game, it's a legacy carried forward with every swing.